Thursday, March 4, 2010

Cool Watch... In Theory

Here's an interesting new timepiece design I saw today. It's called the Aurora watch, by Yanko Design. It's a sleek metallic watch with a hollow middle and tells time by using tiny laser beams to simulate the hands. Right now it's just a concept. It doesn't actually exist yet. I'm not even sure we have the technology yet to make lasers that small.

It's a cool idea on paper, but in reality, not so much. First of all, there's no way those faint little beams of light would be visible anywhere but in a pitch black room. Plus, when you want to know the time, who wants to look at a metal ring full of arm hair?

Back to the drawing board, guys!


  1. hmmmm that is a damn cool idea for a watch! i would just make a little template and shave that area of my arm everyday, no big whoop. Maybe even design my own watch face, then get that as a tattoo. HA!

  2. It is a cool idea, but I don't see it ever getting made. I see too many engineering problems with it, mainly stuffing 12 lasers into that ring, powering it somehow, and figuring out how the lasers can be seen in normal lighting conditions.

    There's an entire world of cool, hi-tech but impractical watches out there, mostly from Japan. None of them have hands, most tell time through a series of colored lights or bars. It would take you 15 minutes to decipher their displays. It's almost like it's a contest to see who can develop the most confusing watch.


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