Saturday, March 13, 2010

Cranky Crankerson

Cranky here pretty much sums up my feelings for the world and life in general lately.

I don't do a lot of vector art, mainly because it's so time consuming (for me, anyway). I bet it took me 75 times longer to draw this in vector than if I'd drawn my usual way as line art. I think it's because instead of simply drawing lines, everything here was a shape that had to be constructed. But it's fun to experiment and try new things now and then.

Drawn in InDesign. I cheated a little and overlaid a grungy jpeg image over the background.

Here's the original sketch of Cranky. I should draw a normal line version of him to compare and contrast with the vector version.

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  1. Upon first viewing I wondered to myself, "self, how did Bob get a photo of you this morning?" I was a crankypants! But seriously, he is well worth the effort he took to create. His nose and chin hairs are a particular favorite ;) Well done!


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