Saturday, October 2, 2010

3D, Or Not 3D

I've been a big fan of all things Star Wars since I first saw the movie in the theater back in 1977 (Yeah, I'm old), but Lord help me, George Lucas isn't making it easy these days.

I started having a problem with him after he released the Special Editions of the Original Trilogy, then announced that the theatrical versions "no longer existed." In addition to that, he wrote and directed the lackluster Prequels, he re-released the Original Trilogy on home video more times than I can count, and he threatened Verizon with legal action for naming their smart phone the "Droid," a word that he claims he owns. Like I said, he's not making it easy to be a fan these days.

This week King George announced that he's going to re-release ALL SIX Star Wars movies in glorious, unasked for, after-the-fact 3D. Oy. Lucas is already worth a reported 3.5 BILLION dollars. I guess that's not enough in these hard times and he's gunning for TRILLIONAIRE.

He plans to release The Phantom Menace in 3D in 2012, then release the rest of the movies, one per year, finishing up with Return Of The Jedi in 2017.

That's a long time from now. Does he really think 3D will still be going strong by then? Lordy, I hope not. Personally I don't see it lasting much past 2011. People are getting bored with it already, and the box office shows it. I know I'm tired of it, and tired of being asked to pay $3 more to see crap poking out of the screen at me.

Sorry George, I've been a loyal fan for three decades now, but you can count me out this time. I have no desire to ever watch The Phantom Menace again, in ANY dimension.

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