Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Morose May

I've got this daily journal (it's not a diary!) that contains calendar pages at the beginning of every month. Since I do the exact same thing every single day of my life, I have little use for the calendar pages, so I've been filling each day's square with a doodle.

Here are the calendar pages for May. I don't know why I'm posting them out of order like this. I started with August, then started working backwards. Who needs order?

I guess that's supposed to be Tough Soldier Beetle Baily on the 2st, with Steven Seagal on the 7th. The guy on the 27th looks like those weird half dog, half men that were always in Carl Bark's Duck comics.


  1. best use of a calender I've ever seen.

  2. i like 23, 24, 30 & 31. they don't have as much space as the others so all they can do is peek. it's funny

  3. I like the peekers too. It's funny, whenever I see your calendar pages I think of it as a high school yearbook page. What school is this? LOL. Wonderful characters!

  4. Thanks, guys!

    KW: The guys in the corner remind me of the Brady Bunch opening.

    Dawn: Haw! It does kind of look like a year book! I'm trying not to draw any repeat characters, so by the end of the year I'll have drawn 365 different faces.


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