Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Doctor Creepmare

Halloween's coming up soon, so I thought it was time to post a seasonal illustration. It's everyone's favorite fictional TV horror host, Doctor Creepmare!

I'm not real crazy about that name, but it'll do until my addled brain can think of a better one.

This is a vector drawing, drawn all in InDesign.
Here's the original very rough and tiny sketch of the Doctor.


  1. wow, he's great! i like those wings on the hat

  2. He's really great Bob. I love the 'retro' almost Paul Coker Jr. vibe, but also with a feeling of Snidely Whiplash.... only Dr.Creepmare (LOVE that name) is way neater. Mega Kudos

  3. He's fantastically evil! I love his bat wing hat! I would totally watch a cartoon with this guy as the main character. I love the background too!

  4. Thanks, guys!

    I was going to draw a flock of bats swirling around his hat, but I got lazy and just stuck some wings on each side. From all your comments, it looks like lazy was the way to go!

    rogue: Funny you should mention Paul Coker Jr. It does kind of look like his style. I've been a fan of his since I was a kid, and found out that he did most of the character designs for the Rankin-Bass stop-motion holiday specials. I loved his Mad Magazine work as well, and I remember I'd practice drawing his monsters when I was little. I guess we're all the sum of our many influences!

  5. Wow! You can do stuff like that in InDesign. I had no idea.
    Super fun piece, I love him.
    And his hat has inspired me. I have a top hat, plans to affix batwings in motion!

  6. Thanks, Belle Dee!

    Yes, I do all my vector work in InDesign. In addition to page layout, it has some simplified drawing tools that are easier to use (in my opinion) than Illustrator. I've tried to make myself use Illustrator in order to become more familiar with it, but I always end up coming back to InDesign.

    Good luck with the hat!

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