Friday, April 1, 2011

Doctor Who: Space & Time

I'm always going on about Doctor Who on my blog, so if you've never seen the show, here's your chance to watch a bit of it with the current cast.

This is a short (7 or 8 minute) mini-episode created for BBC's Comic Relief Night charity. Doctor Who usually does a short episode like this every year to help our the charity.

It's written by series producer Steven Moffat, who's written some of the very best episodes of the new series. It's a fun little romp starring the Doctor and newlyweds Amy and Rory.

I was quite impressed by this little story. They managed to pack an entire mind-bending time travel tale into seven minutes, which is no doubt much tougher than it looks. Plus it's darned funny, almost like a Warner Brothers cartoon. I kind of wish they'd do more of these mini-episodes. They could even play them in theaters before movies (instead of Coke commercials).

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