Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day

So today's Earth Day, is it? The day when I'm supposed to alter my lifestyle and be more "green" and save our precious Mother Earth? You wanna know what I think of that? I say nuts to Earth Day!

The Earth doesn't give two hoots about you, me or any of the other six billion people living on it. In fact it's doing it's level best to wipe us out. Read the news on any given day and you'll see stories of floods, fires, quakes, tidal waves, tornadoes and more. Those are just a few of the gentle ways our beloved Mother Earth chooses to caress her children.

Heck, just in the last two years my own property has been beset with floods, ice storms that left me without heat for five days in the middle of winter, damaging winds, an earthquake, and despite the fact that I live several hundred miles inland, the remnants of a hurricane.

The Earth does not want us here, plain and simple. So please excuse me if I say Screw Earth Day and Screw the Earth. Why should I do anything special for it? What's it ever done for me, besides try and kill me? I plan to celebrate Earth Day by turning on all the lights and appliances in my house and then going out, just to show it what I think of it. Take that, Earth!

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