Thursday, April 21, 2011

Joey "The Mutant" Calzone

Bronski burst into Chief O'Leary's office.

"Chief!" said Bronski, "I just got the news from a patrol car. There's been another mob hit over by the old toxic waste dump!"

O'Leary moaned. "Not another one! Well, you know what to do. Round up the usual suspects. Let's see, there's Jimmy "Two Heads" Morton, Murray "Shark Lips" Nelson, Eddie "Tentacles" Malone, Paulie "Stiletto Heels (literally)" Gambini and Sonny "Acid Pores" Grubowski."

Bronski jotted down the names on a notepad and headed for the door. "I'll get right on it, Chief!"

"Wait a minute, Bronski!" shouted O'Leary. "Don't forget Joey "The Mutant" Calzone!"

Joey was drawn in Photoshop on the graphic tablet. I'm kind of getting stuck on these yellowish-gold backgrounds. I know I need to try some different colors, but I just like the way the gold looks.

Here's the original pen & ink sketch of Joey. Why do people always say "pen & ink?" A little redundant, isn't it? Shouldn't it be "pen & paper?" Anyway, Joey started out as sort of an alien in a jumpsuit.

Here's the digital sketch I did of him. By now he was a mutated mob hit man, dressed in a double-breasted suit.


  1. Love the seeing-eye pimple ! Too many calzones will pump you full of oils and Man~ it's gotta go somewhere !

  2. HA! He's fantastic! I love his fingers and he dresses so well!! Now does he do the buttons up himself??

  3. Dawn: In the original sketch his left hand is normal, so I guess it's that way in the final too. His normal hand is in his pocket, so he buttons himself with it.

  4. Joey 'No Miss' Calzone would prolly work, too.


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