Sunday, April 3, 2011

Out Of Context Star Trek Moment #3

I've been an avid Star Trek fan for many decades. I've seen every episode countless times, I've got tons of reference and behind-the-scenes books, action figures, model ships, trading cards-- you name it, I've got it. With that said, even I have to admit that certain episodes could get a little silly now and then, especially when viewed out of context.

So sit back and enjoy this totally Out Of Context Star Trek Moment.

Apparently the crew of the Enterprise-D finally got fed up with Data's constant barrage of questions, so they shaved his head, dressed him in a burlap sack and shot him right in the breadbasket.

I do like that forlorn expression on his face as he stares at the arrow.


  1. Fabulous! Data was always one of my favorite characters.

  2. I liked Data as well, but there's something I always wondered: his creator could build a super intelligent, self aware android, but he couldn't figure out how to program his speech so he could use contractions.


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