Thursday, June 21, 2012


This is Home Depot's current slogan, the one that they've been using for the past few years.

It works fine when spoken in a commercial, but in print it's a whole different story. Whenever I see their slogan in an ad or circular, I don't read the last word as "do-ing." Instead I see it as "DOING!" You know, as in "humorous cartoon sound effect," or "rhymes with BOING!" Try as I might, I can't not see it that way.

Perhaps Home Depot ought to embrace this. They could hire Jerry Lewis or Eddie Deezen to be their new spokesperson. I can just hear either one of them screeching in a grating, nasally voice, "Come on down to Home Depot and tackle that weekend home improvement project. More saving. More DOING!"


  1. and now I will read it that way for all time lol. On a completely unrelated note, I found this online today and it reminded me of your Christmas story books. So, I had to share with you:

  2. Hah! Like the link. It's similar to another artist who takes R rated movies and makes Golden Book pages based on them. Can't find the link to his work right now.


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