Monday, June 11, 2012

Walking Dead News: The Governor And The Return Of Merle!

I guess I should put a big ol' SPOILER tag here, in case you don't want to know any details about Season 3 of Walking Dead. You've been warned!

This week we got our first look at actor David Morrissey, who'll be starring as The Governor this fall. Stop me if you think that you've heard this one before, but it looks like November spawned a monster! Get it? Morrissey? Stop me? Spawned a monster? Hey, hey, take your coat off and get back here.

By the way, I don't know who that's supposed to be there in the background. The Governor's Filipino Pool Boy, perhaps?

I first covered the news that Morrissey was the Governor earlier this year, so I won't rehash old news. I wasn't quite convinced that Morrissey was the right man for the part, but he looks sufficiently badass here, so I'm willing to give him a chance (I'm sure he'll no doubt be greatly relieved to hear he has the support of my highly influential blog).

The comic book version of the Governor bore more than a passing resemblance to makeup artist/actor Tom Savini, who in fact lobbied long and hard for the role. As I'm not a fan of Mr. Savini, I'm not particularly torn up that he didn't get the part, or that the final character looks nothing like him. Based solely on other things I've seen David Morrissey in, I think they made a wise choice.

The Walking Dead producers keep insisting that they're not going to water down the Governor character for TV. Don't you believe a word they say, as they are big fat liars. There is absolutely no way that the TV show will be able to faithfully depict the comic book version of the Governor or the whole Woodbury story arc. It's just not possible. The Governor was a sadistic and depraved dictator who routinely resorted to torture and dismemberment to get what he wanted. That whole Woodbury comic book storyline was just brutal, and at times hard to get through. There's no way they can pull it off on TV, no matter what they say. Remember, early this year these same producers kept telling us that John Bernthal wasn't leaving the show, so right there they've proved they can't be trusted.

Also this week, actor Michael Rooker, better known as Merle Dixon, was spotted on the set. As you know, Merle has been a constant presence on the show despite the fact that he's only appeared about three times (and even then, one of those times was as his brother's feverish hallucination!). So is Merle back for good, or is he still a figment of Daryl's imagination? I'm guessing he's back for real, as one of the Governor's men. I have a bad feeling that when he does show up again, things aren't gonna go well for Rick. Remember, Rick's the one who handcuffed Merle to the roof of a zombie-packed building and left him there, causing him to saw his own hand off to escape. Things like that tend to make you hold a grudge.

I need a TARDIS so I can hurry up and see Season 3 NOW!

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