Friday, June 8, 2012

This Seems Like More "Snow White" Movies Than Is Necessary For One Year

If Bob Hope and Jerry Seinfeld were somehow able to spawn a child, it would no doubt be some sort of freakish Franken-comedian and would take a look at the cineplex and video stores and utter, "Say, get a load of all these crazy Snow White movies. Isn't that wild?  Whaaaat's the deal?"

Don't believe the Franken-comedian? Well, right now (June 2012) there's a movie in theaters called Snow White & The Huntsman. It's a stylish retelling of the Snow White story (as you no doubt guessed, sharp as you are) but with more emphasis on the character of the Huntsman, who decides not to cut out Ms. White's heart but instead help her overthrow the Wicked Queen.

Back in March 2012 Mirror Mirror was released to theaters. It's a stylish retelling of the Snow White story, with emphasis on the Wicked Queen.

In stores right now is a direct to DVD (I think) movie called Snow White: A Deadly Summer. The cover is very misleading as the film has little or nothing to do with the Snow White legend. It's more of a contemporary slasher film concerning a girl named Snow whose Evil Stepmother sends her to Discipline Camp, whatever that is.

Technically it probably shouldn't be on the list, but it's got Snow White in the title and people are going to pick it up thinking it's got something to do with the fairly tale. Also if I don't include it, my wacky comedy premise gets shot to hell.

It stars Maureen McCormick (TVs Marsha Brady!) and Eric Roberts, so you know you're in for some fine acting.

Then there's Grimm's Snow White, a budget conscious but stylish retelling of the Snow White story, with elves inexplicably substituted for the dwarves.

This is an Asylum movie, so it was no doubt released the same day as Mirror Mirror, in an effort to confound and confuse the easily befuddled video-watching public and make them think they were renting the movie that was still in theaters. This has been Asylum's business model for the past 15 years.

These four movies have all hit the theater video store just in the first half of the year. I fully expect to see another five to six versions of Snow White by year's end.


  1. They're not movies but there's also the current TV show "Once Upon A Time" ("created by the writers of 'Lost!'") which feature some of the Snow White characters. And its NBC counterpart (called "Grimm") but I don't know if they've done a Snow White episode.

    But my question is why is Carroll's Alice on the poster for "Grimm's Snow White"...?

  2. Yeah, I have a vague awareness of Once Upon A Time and Grimm, but I've never seen either one and didn't feel confident enough to pretend I knew anything about them.

    That does look like Alice! I knew there was something about that cover that was bugging me!

    There are also two Red Riding Hood movies in the video store right now-- one is of course "Red Riding Hood," which came out last year, starring Amanda Seyfrid, and the other is called "Red, Werewolf Hunter." It looks like a Twlight meets Buffy sort of thing.

    Fairy tales seem to be "in" this year, but only if they're gritty and adult.


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