Monday, February 24, 2014

Fantastic Faux

Last week Fox caused quite an uproar on the interweb with their casting decisions for the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot. 

All I have to say about their matter is this: Every time Fox releases a new Fantastic Four movie, they make the Roger Corman version look better and better.

See, back in 1994, Constantin Film owned the film rights to the Fantastic Four. The studio would lose the rights to the characters if they didn't release a film by the end of the year, so they turned to B-movie king Roger Corman to crank out a film quickly and on the cheap in order to secure the rights. As a result the film was made solely for contractual purposes and was never meant to be released to theaters. Despite this, bootleg copies of the film are easy to find. 

Despite its rushed schedule and miniscule budget, the Corman version's heart was in the right place. The filmmakers obviously understood the source material and they got the characters exactly right, much more so than in the two abysmal Fox movies. I wish Fox would stop trying to update the concept or whatever the hell they're doing and just remake the Corman film.

The Fantastic Four has always been my all-time favorite comic book, and it pains me to see it treated so shabbily. It's such a simple concept; I don't understand why no one can seem to make a decent film based on it. 

After last week's casting news, I'd sit rather sit through a Nicholas Sparks film festival than see another botched Fantastic Four movie from Fox.

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