Saturday, February 8, 2014

A Public Service Announcement For Grandmothers Buying Videos For Their Grandkids

Attention Grandmothers! It's a fact that your grandkids are are always bugging you to buy videos for them. I also know that the video store, with its miles of shelves full of similar DVD covers, can be a frightening and confusing place. So before you venture out to purchase a video for your ungrateful descendants, study the following carefully.

This is the 1998 movie Meet The Deedles. It stars the late Paul Walker and Steve Van Wormer, the guy who was in Meet The Deedles.

It's a wacky comedy about two X-treme brothers who are into X-treme sports like luging and surfing who become bumbling X-treme forest rangers.

The film culminates with the two X-treme brothers inadvertently creating a new lake in Yellowstone Park and improbably surfing its waves.

It should not be confused with 1989's Meet The Feebles, a perverse all-puppet comedy from writer-director Peter Jackson of The Lord Of The Rings fame.

Meet The Feebles is sort of a hard R-rated Muppet Show, featuring puppets engaged in adultery, rape, illicit sex, drug use, post traumatic stress disorder, suicide and murder. There's even a character who's so riddled with sexually transmitted diseases that he literally rots in front of your eyes. It's fun for the entire family!

See? They're practically the same movie! However, your grandkids will probably be bugging your for the Deedles film, so choose wisely lest the state ban you from seeing them again.

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