Monday, February 17, 2014

The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 10: Inmates

Holy Crap! Now THAT was an episode!

A lot of whiners complained that last week's episode was dull and boring. This one was anything but! It was packed near to bursting with events.


• So Daryl and Beth are on their own for now. Did you know there's a sizable group out there on the internet who want to see these two become a couple? Despite the fact that Beth is supposed to be 16-17 and Daryl is 35 if he's a day? The internet can be a dark and scary place sometimes.

All during her segment Beth kept talking about Luke. I confess I had no idea who that was and had to look him up. See, AMC? THIS is why breaking the seasons up is a bad idea. By the time the show starts back up I've forgotten what the hell's going on.

• So Tyreese rescued baby Judith! That was quite a surprise when he turned around and revealed he was carrying her. She died in the comic, but I didn't think they'd kill her on TV. Well, I was pretty sure they wouldn't. On this show you never know.

• The mid season finale was so long ago I forgot what happened to Tyreese's arm. Did he get shot? Hopefully he wasn't bitten.

• After hearing walkers in the woods, Mika runs off in terror. Tyreese catches up to her and tells her that she did the right thing. He tells her anytime she hears a walker to run away as fast as she can, but it's also important that they all stay together. Wha? Which is it? Run or stay together? Or try and run while staying together?

Tyreese's confusing advice then gets the better of him, as he hears a scream in the distance and takes off running toward it, leaving the two girls alone. Um... didn't he just say they needed to stay together?

• While Tyreese's group is resting in the woods, Lizzie sees some baby bunnies and quietly kills them with her knife. So I guess that answers the question of who was dissecting animals in the prison and feeding the walkers at the fence a few episodes back. 

It's also unequivocal proof that Lizzie is a full blown sociopath, as killing and torturing animals is generally considered one of the classic signs. 

She even calmly tries to suffocate Judith to stop her from crying! For a second or two I thought maybe they'd revealed Judith was alive just so they could have Lizzie kill her. How shocking would that have been? You'd have heard people screaming from one side of the continent to the other.

All I know is Lizzie is one chillingly scary little girl! I'd be afraid to turn my back on her.

• There's some Pulp Fiction type of time shuffling going on in this episode. We see Daryl and Beth come upon a group of zombies at the railroad track, and they're attacked by a middle aged walker. 

Later Tyreese happens upon the same tracks, and sees a teen and a middle aged man being attacked by zombies. He tries to help them, but the men are bitten. For some reason Tyreese doesn't finish them off. The middle aged man dies, turns and is the same one who attacked Daryl and Beth earlier in the episode. I mean later. Confusing!

• So, Caroi's back, to absolutely no one's surprise. The only question was just when she'd show up again. 

Her story about what she's been up to since we last saw her didn't make a whole lot of sense. Something about she came back to the prison and hid and watched the whole Governor attack go down? Wha....? So why didn't she help?

Actually this is par for the course for her. Anytime Carol comes back from the dead it never makes much sense. In Season 3 everyone thought she died along with T-Dog, and they even dug a grave for her (Lord knows what, if anything, they put in it) and then she calmly walked out of a closet a couple weeks later. That didn't make any sense either. I look forward to her disappearing and nonsensically reappearing next season as well.

• Tyreese still doesn't know that Carol killed Karen, and that Rick banished her, right?

• Tyreese's group follows the tracks and sees a sign offering sanctuary. The sign says, "Those who arrive, survive." That's the same thing we heard on the car radio several episodes ago when Daryl and some others were on a supply run.

The name of the sanctuary appears to be "Terminus." I don't like the sound of that! Gee, that's not ominous at all.

• Maggie, Sasha and Bob make up the third group. I was wondering what happened to Bob. It's been so long since I saw him I forgot he got shot when the Governor attacked the prison.

• Maggie searches for Glenn and finds the school bus he was on sitting dead in the road.

What the hell kind of road are they on? It looks like a dirt path that's barely wide enough for one car. Why the hell'd the bus take that trail instead of a proper road?

So everyone on the bus turned and became a walker. So much for the remaining Woodburyians! As of this episode every single person who lived there is now dead. Maybe the Governor was right-- maybe Rick and the Prison Crew really are bad people! Everything Rick touches dies violently.

• After dispatching all the walkers that pour out of the back of the bus, Maggie goes inside to see if Glenn, or rather his body, is there. She's attacked by and "kills" a walker that looks amazingly like Glenn (from the back that is). Whoever shot this scene did so very well, as it really wasn't clear if it was him or not.

• Glenn wakes up in the most unlikely place he possibly could. I'm still trying to figure out how he got from the bus to a shattered upper walkway in the prison, but I'll let it go.

• Today I learned: Glenn's last name is Rhee. I've been watching this show for four years now and never knew that. Is that something that was revealed early on, or did they make it up recently? I don't ever remember hearing anyone say his last name on air, but I could be wrong.

• Nice to see the return of the riot armor!

• Glenn finds Tara sitting in a catatonic state after the Governor's attack, and tells her he needs her help so he can find Maggie. Tara calls him by name, but I can't for the life of me figure out how she'd know it. I didn't hear him introduce himself. Maybe she heard Maggie shrieking his name a couple episodes ago?

• Glenn makes a Molotov cocktail from Bob Stookey's bottle of booze. Wow, See, Bob's not a worthless alcoholic after all! His addiction came in quite handy this week.

I thought Glenn was going to fling the firebomb into the herd of walkers, but instead he threw it at a car to distract them. Sure enough, a few seconds later all the zombies turned and oohed and ahhed at the pretty flames. Have we ever seen this behavior in them before? I'm thinking that's a big nope.

• At the end of the episode Glenn collapses, as he's still not full recovered from the flu. Tara protects him as a military truck pulls up. Out of the truck steps Abraham, Eugene and Rosita! Holy Crap! Straight off the pages of the comic! I squealed like a little schoolgirl! I can't wait to see Abraham in action on the show!

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