Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Power Of Marketing

If you're a regular reader of Bob Canada's BlogWorld (as millions are), you've no doubt heard me blathering on from time to time about Marketing

But Bob, I hear a percentage of you pleading, what exactly is Marketing? Alright, alright, get up off the floor and I'll tell you.

Imagine you've got a kid. Say, nine or ten years old (kids are nine or ten, right?). So you sit this kid down and tell him you'll take him to the ice cream parlor (kids like ice cream parlors, right?). But... the catch is he has to wear a cardboard box on his head.

What do you think would happen? The kid would press a shiv against your neck for even suggesting such a thing, that's what would happen (kids carry shivs, right?). And to top it off, he'd probably call Child Protective Services on you for daring to even suggest such a thing.

However... if you take the box and cover it with pixely squares so it resembles the characters from Worlds Of Minecraft or whatever the hell it's called, why they won't be able to put it on their head fast enough! In fact they'll proudly strut down the street and into the ice cream parlor with a goddamned cardboard box on their head, and they'll like it!* You probably won't be able to get them to stop wearing it! They'll press a shiv against your neck before ever removing it.

And that is what Marketing's all about.

*This ain't something I invented-- I went to a large comic and toy show last year and saw scores of kids walking around with boxes like these on their heads.

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