Wednesday, July 30, 2014

This Week In Controversial Movie Posters

This week Paramount Pictures Australia, which is apparently a thing, released this new poster for the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot.

Predictably the internet went ballistic, as it's wont to do, over the fact that said poster depicts the titular turtles leaping from an exploding skyscraper along with a "September 11" premiere date.

Jesus wept.

Really, internet? You must really be scraping the bottom of the outrage barrel if this is the best you can do. I could understand all the vitriol if the poster clearly depicted the Twin Towers and the Turtles leaping from a plane heading toward them, but this is a generic office building. And the September 11 date is when the movie starts in Australia, not New York.

Stop your bleating, people! If you're going to start fainting like a 1950s housewife who spotted a mouse every time you see an explosion, you're going to put Michael Bay out of business very quickly. 

Personally I'm far more offended by the Turtles' off-putting character designs and needlessly complicated outfits than I am the exploding building or the date.

If only people could work up this level of passionate outrage for things that actually matter, instead of frothing at the mouth over a goddamned movie poster about goddamned turtles. 

Whether the poster's in bad taste or not, the studio quickly pulled the offending ad and hurriedly replaced it with this altered, less controversial one. Well done, Paramount!

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