Tuesday, October 28, 2014

DVD Doppelgängers: Night Crawlers Vs. House Of Fallen

A couple of days ago  I was in a video store and saw this Night Crawlers DVD.

Even though I've never seen the movie before, something about it seems awfully familiar. I can't quite figure out where I've seen it before...

Oh yeah. Now I remember.

Cheezus H. Rice, DVD cover designers! You're making this too easy for me! You're not even trying to hide your swipes anymore! 

I suppose in the interest of fairness, the designer of the Night Crawler cover did take the time to change the color of the creepy girl's red eyes and add a little symbol to her forehead. Oh, and some unconvincing, poorly drawn blood splatters to her fingernails. 

I'm betting the second he finished altering the creepy girl's image he leaned back in his chair, took a big swig of Jolt and congratulated himself on a job well done.

Thanks to my pal KW Monster for finding this week's DVD Doppelgangers!

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