Monday, October 13, 2014

This Seems Like A More Specialized Monopoly Game Than Is Necessary

I was recently shopping in my local Schnucks grocery store (a regional chain that originated in the St. Louis area) and saw this

Yep, Schnucks now has their very own version of the venerable board game Monopoly, called, not surprisingly, Schnucksopoly. Oy. Folks, you know we've reached peak Specialized Monopoly saturation when your goddamned grocery store has its own version of the game. 

So what, are the tokens little shopping carts, hand baskets and mop buckets? Do they have Double Coupons instead of Community Chest? No Free Parking space, but one labeled Park At The Back Of The Lot Because There're 48 Handicapped Spaces That Are Always EmptyInstead of a Go To Jail space, do they have one labeled Go To The Slow Cashier's Endless Checkout Line? Do you lose a turn if you land on the You Busted A Jar Of Spaghetti Sauce On The Floor space?

OK, I'm done.

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