Tuesday, October 14, 2014

This Week In Ill-Advised Halloween Costumes: Too Soon Edition

It's October, so you know what that means here at Bob Canada's BlogWorld! Dozens of posts pointing out inappropriately sexy and/or dangerous Halloween costumes! Hey, at least I'm consistent.

As we sit here pondering the all-too-real possibility of a global pandemic, what better way to salute the end of life as we know it than by dressing up in an overpriced Ebola Containment Suit costume!

The suit is currently available on the BrandOnSale website, and according to their sales blurb:

The deadly Ebola virus has landed in the United States and the crisis has reached new levels of domestic escalation. You are sure to be prepared if any outbreak happens at your Halloween party. This will literally be the most "viral" costume of the year.

Wow. That... they really just said that. You know, there's nothing I like better than a good old fashioned deadly disease pun! Humor like this is infectious! Better be careful; your laughter might be contagious!

The suit comes complete with an Ebola White Costume, Ebola Face Shield, Breathing Mask, Safety Eye Goggles, and Blue Latex Gloves. Yellow boots not included.

It even says "EBOLA" right there on the left breast! 

Am I surprised by this tasteless display? I should be, but given the current state of our oafish society, it's pretty much par for the course.

The only thing that does surprise me is that there's no Sexy Ebola Containment Suit Costume. Yet...

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