Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tales From The Video Store: The Fault

Unlike the majority of the world, I don't go in for all this convenient video-on-demand and FlixNet nonsense. Nosiree! Give me an old fashioned, inconvenient Video Store any day! The farther away from my house the better! You just never know what you're gonna find— or overhear— when you browse the Video Store!

This Tale From The Video Store is 100% true.

Last weekend I was browsing through my local Family Video store. While there, I overheard an overweight hillbilly with a thick Southern accent talking to his lookalike, adult son:
Hillbilly Dad: A'm tryin' ta find a movie fer yer Maw. Look fer Fault In Our Stars.
Hillbilly Son: Huh? Fartin' Are Stars? Whut's thet about?
The Hillbilly Dad, unaware of the concept of alphabetical order, then intently scanned the "R" section as he desperately hunted for a movie that clearly starts with an "F" (or "T," if you count the "The" in the title).

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