Monday, April 6, 2015

Everybody Out Of The (Dead) Pool!

Last week actor Ryan Reynolds released this photo of him in costume as Deadpool in the upcoming comic book movie of the same name.

The costume looks to be extremely faithful to the source material, and is a prime example of what I call The Comic Book Movie Costume Inverse Accuracy LawIt's a little fundamental rule of the universe I made up that states:
The odds of a comic book movie or TV series staying true to the source material is inversely proportional to how much I care about the property in question.
In other words, if I'm a huge and devoted fan of a character or property, the movie version will inevitably be virtually unrecognizable. If I have no particular interest in a character, then the film version will be a slavishly recreated copy of the source material.

Which is exactly what's happening here. I have no feelings one way or the other towards Deadpool, so of course he's wearing the most meticulously recreated and detailed costume in the history of comic book cinema. And because I honestly don't care, Ryan Reynolds is doing everything in his power to make sure Deadpool will act precisely in character at all times. 

Meanwhile, after botching them twice before, Fox is rebooting The Fantastic 4 — my all-time favorite comic book— yet again. Everything about this project seems deliberately designed to be as off-model as possible, from the ages of the characters to the race-swapped Human Torch and even the Thing, who looks like nothing more than a walking, corn-studded turd. Thanks a lot, Fox.

The Deadpool film would seem to contradict the usual movie studio mantra that comic costumes are impossible to recreate in the real world, or that they'd look ridiculous in real life (which Fox actually said prior to the first X-Men film back in 2000). Obviously this Deadpool costume proves that was all nothing but a bald-faced lie.

Now that Deadpool has shown us that comic-accurate costumes are indeed possible, I look forward to seeing more exact recreations in the comic months.

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  1. Corn-Studded Turd haha I think you just hit one outta the park with a new comic character, just need Morgan Freeman to do the voice and you'll be roll'n in loot til the end of days. Just keep Akiva Goldman away from adapting your poo-boy.


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