Thursday, April 30, 2015

DVD Doppelgängers: Zombieworld Vs. Zombieland

Last week I was in my local video store and saw this DVD of Zombieworld.

Something about this cover seems awfully familiar, but I can't quite put my finger on where I might have seen it before...

Ah. Now I remember.

There's no way you can convince me that this wasn't intentional. Go on, try it. Try and convince me. You can't do it, I say. Both feature the same decimated, smoking Earth floating in a formless void, and both have nearly identical titles superimposed. But then in a burst of creative energy, the Zombieworld designer added a severed, undead hand clutching his globe. Inventive!

The cover design is about the only thing the two films share though. Zombieland is a well-made horror-comedy in the style of Shaun Of The Dead, about four survivors of a zombie apocalypse.

Zombieworld, on the other hand, is a (very) low budget anthology. It features several short zombie films that are loosely strung together in a fake news broadcast format, including an anchorman who's been bitten and is himself slowly transforming. The shorts vary wildly in quality, and you'd be much better off watching ZombieLAND for the tenth time.

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