Saturday, May 16, 2015

Life Imitating The Simpsons (Again)

This week a British man who suffered from headaches and breathing problems for the past forty years, finally found relief when he sneezed a toy dart from his nose.

Steve Easton thought his chronic condition was caused by allergies, but was stunned when a particularly strong sneeze dislodged a dart he stuck up his nose when he was a child.

Apparently we've reached the point in history where every single Simpsons episode is going to happen in real life.

Fans will remember that in the Season 12 episode HOMR, a young Homer Simpson stuck an entire box of crayons up his nose.

Years later, an x-ray revealed that one of the crayons was still inside his head, lodged against his brain, and was the cause of his well-below-average intelligence.

This is hardly the first time an episode of The Simpsons has come true. In 2012 a Wisconsin man sued an all-you-can-eat buffet for throwing him out before he was full (just like Homer did), and last year the Discovery Channel ran a special in which a man was consumed by a live snake.

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