Monday, May 4, 2015

Worst. Superhero. Movie. EVER!

Went to my local cinemaplexery yesterday to see Age Of Adaline. Worst. Superhero. Movie. EVER! I sat there for 112 interminable minutes waiting patiently for Ultron the killer robot to show up, and— SPOILER ALERT— he never did! Not even in an after-credits scene. In fact, there wasn't one goddamned robot in the entire stinking film! Talk about false advertising! 

And where were the Avengers? I didn't see any of them either, not even Hawkeye. Instead all we got was Han Solo in a lame story about a woman who lives forever. What kind of super power is that? What's she going to do, outlive a bank robber? And she didn't even wear a costume! Marvel's definitely losing their touch.

I loved the first Avengers movie, but this sequel was a very disappointing follow-up. Avoid Age Of Adaline at all costs!

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