Wednesday, May 6, 2015

This Week In Ridiculous Astronomical Theories

This week scientists announced new research indicating that our entire universe may be nothing more than a hologram.

The Holographic Principle was first proposed in 1993 by theoretical physicists Gerard't Hooft and Leonard Susskind. New research from scientists at the Vienna University of Technology seemingly confirms their claim.

Basically the Holographic Principle states that our three dimensional reality is a projection of info stored on a distant, two dimensional surface. Much like the holographic emblem on your credit card. This two dimensional surface holds all the info necessary to describe a three dimensional object, which in this case is the entire universe.

Despite the fact that the whole thing sounds like nothing more than the deranged rantings of an opium addict to the average citizen, the scientific community is actually taking the theory seriously.

The theory also has many disturbing theological implications, mainly that "God" may well be nothing more than a bored, pimply-faced alien teen who cobbled together a simulated universe with the computer in his bedroom.

The Holographic Principle could also pose a threat to our very existence. Now that we've figured out that our universe is a hologram, we may inadvertently spook whoever's running it, causing them to pull the plug on the ex

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