Friday, February 12, 2016

Don't Worry, Be... A Warrior

Take a good look at this DVD cover for the sure-to-be-classic film Princess Warrior.

I swear the first time I glanced at it I thought for sure it said Princess Worrier. No doubt that version would be far more entertaining than the actual movie.

Princess Worrier:
"You seek to betray me, wizard? Your powers are useless against my soul sword! Prepare to... wait, did I lock the house before I left today? Yes... yes, I'm sure I did. Prepare to die, Gornak! My soul sword will drain the life force from... oh gods, I forgot to send my annual fealty to the King. I need to dispatch a raven to the castle immediately. As I was saying, Gornak, your evil days are numbered! My sword will cleave... hmm. I wonder if this cough is anything serious? I've had if for a week now. I need to visit the apothecary as soon as I'm done here. My luck it's probably the plague. Have at you, Gornak! Um... Gornak? Hello? Where'd he go?

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