Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Things That Are Strange

Hey, remember Stranger Things, last summer's blockbuster series from Netflix? Of course you do!

It's finally out on home video! Huzzah! I saw it at Walmart yesterda... hey, wait a minute. Pret-tee sneaky, sis!

Whoever put this out didn't use the exact same font or layout here, but it's pretty darned close. And it's patently obvious they're hoping to confuse consumers here. Some hapless shopper's gonna grab this thing off the shelf without looking at it closely, and they're gonna be mighty pissed when they get it home and put it in their DVD player.

Note that none of the eleven movies in this collection are even remotely similar to Stranger Things. It contains, among other films, Spacehunter: Adventure In The Forbidden Zone, which is a Star Wars knockoff, and Krull, a sci-fi/sword & sorcery mashup.

Walmart is also selling Lego Batman: The Movie on DVD...

Which doesn't sound the least bit like The Lego Batman Movie, currently playing in theaters.

This type of Marketing Shenanigans always seems... sleazy and underhanded to me. Shouldn't deliberately trying to confuse your customers to trick them into buying a knockoff product be illegal? If it's not, then it oughta be.

Once again, they're banking on consumer confusion here. You just know some clueless grandma's gonna buy Lego Batman: The Movie for her grandkids, thinking that The Lego Batman Movie's already out on home video.

This will then enrage her ungrateful, entitled grandkids so much they'll petition their parents to put Nana in a home. Way to go, DC and Lego. You just ruined an old woman's life!

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