Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Imitation Is The Something Something Flattery!

WARNING! We've only got about a month left before the premiere of the upcoming Transformers: The Last Knight film.

I haven't yet decided if I'm going to see this film or not. As you may remember, the previous Transformers installment is the film that very nearly broke me, both physically and mentally. I dunno if I want to put myself through that punishment again.

Anyway, I recently saw this image of one of the new Transformer designs from the upcoming film.

So apparently the Transformers have now transformed into Gundams. Got it.

Seriously, look at that thing! That is a goddamned Gundam right there! Same helmet-like head, complete with upright "ears," same lanky body, and most of all the same exact white with red, yellow & blue color scheme. Talk about blatant!

Gundams first appeared back in 1979, and had that same color palette right from the start.

Probably ninety percent of every one made since has been white with red, yellow and blue accents.

The body may change slightly, but those four colors show up over and over and over.

You'd think if Michael Bay's gonna steal their design, the least he could do is alter the color scheme a bit.

At least there doesn't appear to be any robot testicles on this new Gundam/Transformer hybrid, so there's that.

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