Sunday, May 14, 2017

I WONDER What They Were Thinking?

This is the new poster for the upcoming Wonder Woman movie. Among other things, it's the perfect visual representation of the word "afterthought."

Graphic Designer: "As promised, here's the Wonder Woman poster you hired me to create."
Warner Bros. Executive: "It's perfect! We absolutely love it! It's just what we wanted! We just have one small change."
Graphic Designer:  "Uh-oh."Warner Bros. Executive: "We need to remind people that Chris Pine's also in the movie. Our research shows that women respond positively to him, so we need to include him in the poster."Graphic Designer: "But... but it's finished. I can't add another character to it NOW."Warner Bros. Executive: "Sure you can! Just drop him in there! How hard could it be?"
Graphic Designer: "It's a character poster. As in ONE character. If I add another person, it'll throw off the entire composition! I'm gonna have to start all over and it's gonna take another week at least!"
Warner Bros. Executive: "Why are you making such a big deal about this? Just add him to the poster!"
Graphic Designer: "Fine. You want Chris Pine on your poster? You got 'im!"
(works in Photoshop for literally thirty seconds)
Graphic Designer: "There ya go!"
Warner Bros. Executive: "Pefect! See? Was that so hard?"

I am 1000% positive that the above conversation took place verbatim at some point at Warner Bros. Studios.

You know, if they deleted the Chris Pine layer in Photoshop, this would be a nice poster, with a fairly striking design.

Why does it just say "Wonder?" What happened to the "Woman" part? Did they have to delete that to make room for Chris Pine's intrusive head? Why aren't the SJWs complaining that a Wonder Woman poster doesn't have the word "woman" in it?

Lastly, is... is she generating sparks by scraping her sword on her boob armor? Yes. Yes she is.

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