Thursday, May 11, 2017

Leggo My EGO!

James Gunn reveals a brand new product, available only in the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

I'm working on my Guardians 2 review guys! I hope to have it up sometime this weekend.

Things I learned while working on this image: The name of the product isn't "Eggos," it's just "Eggo." Weird. For decades now I've thought it was Eggos. Chalk it up to the Mandela Effect!

I went ahead and made my version say "Egos" even though technically it's not right. Saying plain old "Ego" just didn't sound right to my brain.

As usual, something I thought I could do in ten minutes ended up taking several hours. I started erasing the real logo from the box so I could replace it with the altered version. After a while it became apparent that it would be a hundred times easier to just repaint the entire front altogether (red waves and all) and start from scratch. 

Once that was done I made a new logo by removing a "G" from the old one, and adding an "S" I nabbed from the Kellogg's logo, which appeared to be the same font.

I then replaced the Kellogg's logo in the upper right corner with the Marvel Studios one, added an appropriate photo of Kurt Russell and BOOM! Instant fake package!

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