Wednesday, February 21, 2018


This week the BBC revealed their new logo for the upcoming new season of Doctor Who.

Eh, I don't hate it. It's OK as logos go, I guess. It's a bit wide though. If I was designing it, I'd but the "Doctor" above the "Who." In my experience it's always better to have as square a logo as possible. It's easier to fit it on a page that way, and you can enlarge a square one more than a wide one.

Honestly I don't much care what the new logo looks like, as I'm done with the show. They can typeset it in Sanskrit for all I care.

Given what happened to the title character at the end of the 2017 Christmas Special, the BBC missed the most obvious design here...


  1. Curiously, since the reboot in 2005, every version of the title logo has been linear (in contrast to the classic logos, which were usually rectangular):

    1. Wow, I hadn't noticed that. Good catch! As I said, in my experience it's usually better to have a square or rectangular logo. That shape generally is generally easier to work with, and fits better in a design.

      Imagine you need to place a logo inside a circle. A square logo will fill the circle perfectly, and can be fairly large. A horizontal one will have to be drastically reduced in size to fit inside the circle, to the point where it's barely visible.


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