Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Oh, Hai Batman!

So apparently Martin Scorsese— yes, that Martin Scorsese— is producing a new Joker origin movie for Warner Bros. (!). At one point Leonardo DiCaprio was rumored to star in the film (which makes sense, given Scorsese's involvement), but recently Joaquin Phoenix seems to be the frontrunner.

But hold on! Last week a new actor threw his hat into the ring. Tommy Wiseau— yes, that Tommy Wiseau— the writer, producer, director and star of The Room, announced that he's interested in playing the character!

That may be the best idea I've ever heard! Who the hell wants to see a Joker movie in the first place? It honestly sounds like a snoozefest to me, as the character was never meant to be the sole focus of a film. Casting Wiseau in the role would at least guarantee the movie would be interesting. C'mon, Scorsese! Make this happen!

Can you imagine? "You're tearing me apart, Harley!"

Even better: "I did not kill Robin. It's not true. It's bullsh*t. I did not kill him. I did nahht. Oh, hai Batman!"

:"Ha ha ha. What a story, Batman!"

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