Sunday, September 30, 2018

To Boldly Disembowel Where No One Has Disemboweled Before

By now you've probably heard the news that director Quentin Tarantino wants to helm an R-rated Star Trek movie (!). When asked why he thinks that would possibly be a good idea, Tarantino said his Trek film needs to an R in order to properly depict "the horror of space."

Karl Urban, who plays Dr. McCoy in the current movies, took to the internet to justify Tarantino's controversial decision in a borderline incoherent rant. Said Urban, and I quote, "You shouldn’t worry that it is going to be full of obscenity and stuff. Tarantino wants an R-rating to really make those beats of consequence land. If it’s not PG, if someone gets sucked out into space, which we have all seen before, we might see them get disemboweled first… It allows some some breadth… gives him some leeway to do that."

Yes, because if nothing else, the bright and hopeful Star Trek has always been about the disembowelings. The constant, incessant and narratively necessary disembowelings.

Jesus wept. I officially give up and am lying down in the middle of the highway. Bring on the rush hour traffic!

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