Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Overheard At Work: Knees

I work in a typical office, surrounded by many other workers in cubicles. Although I'm grateful to have a job I like, sometimes the vocal din from the surrounding coworkers is a bit overwhelming. Not to mention odd. Thank the gods old and new for headphones and Pandora.

The following is a 100% true actual conversation I Overheard At Work:
Woman: I have a friend who was born without knees, and she has the cutest little waddle when she walks!
Thank goodness I accidentally eavesdropped on this statement, and she wasn't addressing me directly. I honestly don't know how I'd respond to something like that. I definitely need to finding out if I can work from home.


  1. Actually the patella (knee bone) is a sesamoid bone, meaning we are born without it. People are born with cartilage in their knee joint, which ossifies into bone around age 4.

    But did this woman mean her friend literally doesn't have a knee joint? Like, her femur is somehow fused to the tibia or the fibula, so that her leg can't bend? That doesn't sound cute. It sounds horrifying. (How does she even sit down?)

  2. No idea how the poor woman's legs are built, but that was my point— it didn't sound like a fun & wacky physical quirk. In fact I was appalled when I heard her say it.


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