Saturday, September 28, 2019

The Orville Interactive Fan Experience Update #2

Back in July I first told you about the awesome new Orville Interactive Fan Experience, a kind of game, sort of simulation you can play online courtesy of Steam.

It's made by fans, for fans of The Orville, and it 100% free to download and play. Players can roam a highly detailed version of the ship, complete with the Bridge, Sickbay, Mess Hall and Shuttle Bay. You can even fly the ship!

Right now it's very much a work in progress, as there are only two or three decks completed, and there's no actual gameplay as yet. The makers have assured everyone that it'll eventually be a fully-fleshed out virtual version of the ship, and they add various rooms and features in regular updates. 

Like now!

I recently fired up the game, and discovered that the Replicators, er, I mean the Synthesizers now work. Woohoo! You can now step up to one and order coffee, alcohol and even a giant jar of pickles! Obviously the makers of this game are fans of the show and well versed in its lore.

On a whim, I walked down to Bortus' quarters and strolled over to his Synthesizer.

I activated the Synthesizer, which gave me the option of ordering fruit, vegetables, beverages and... tobacco (!).

I clicked on tobacco, and was given the option of whipping up one, two or sure enough, FIVE HUNDRED cigarettes (regular viewers of the show will understand the significance of that number)!

Of course I had to pick five hundred, and wasn't disappointed.

I mentioned it in my initial post, but it's worth a repeat: Messy Desk, the developers of the game, even included the infamous "pee corner" mentioned (but mercifully not seen) in Identity, Part 2

Note that if you walk over to the pee corner, your Union avatar will slip and fall down in it, complete with a slide whistle sound effect. Classy!

I'm looking forward to further updates, so I can finally fly the Shuttle out of the Bay and crash it into the engine rings.

By the way, I didn't deliberately choose an avatar that resembles Gordon from the series— this was just the standard generic crewman that comes with the game. You can customize the look and species of your avatar if you want.

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