Saturday, October 19, 2019

Break Out The Eye Bleach!

Earlier this week I read online that fan favorite comic character Vampirella and Zed from the 1974 sci-fi opus Zardoz are both wearing the exact same costume!

Now that's just silly! Who could believe such a thing? I'm gonna prove it wrong right now!

Let's jump over to Google and pull up a pic of the sultry Vampirella. OK, there she is. Rrowll! Hubba hubba!

OK, now we'll search for a photo of Sean Connery as Zed... oh... oh dear. That... That's not a good look.

OK, now we'll put the photos side by side and you'll see this whole thing is ridic... Sweet Baby Jeebus! They're both wearing the same motherfraking outfit! Who thought it'd be a good idea to put a pasty middle-aged man in a bright red bikini with thigh-high hipboots? 

Why, God, why? Why have you forsaken your children like this?

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