Saturday, October 19, 2019

Till Death Do You Profit

Welp, guys, this is a new one. Today I got an email from Indiana State University, my old alma mater. 

The message contained a friendly and cheery reminder urging me to update my will and name them as the sole or partial beneficiary! Jesus Christ!

According to the email, they'll happily accept any and all charitable gifts such as my entire estate, any stocks I may own and even IRA rollovers (!). They also suggest I take out a life insurance policy on myself and make them the sole beneficiary as well (!!!). 

If I follow any or all of these suggestions I'll receive an inscribed medallion, plus the chance to "interact" with the University President (who's surely not the same one who was there when I attended), as well as various deans and other faculty.

Wow. Is this something universities have always sent out to alumni of a certain age, or is this a new tact they've started? If nothing else, I gotta admire their chutzpah!

Yeah, thanks but no, ISU. You already soaked me for plenty when I attended your ivy-covered halls back in the 1980s. And now you want to bleed me dry after I go to the grave?

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