Thursday, October 3, 2019

Don't You Guys Have Something Better To Do?

This this bit of news online today. Apparently the FBI is going to be monitoring all chatter revolving around the new Clown, er, I mean Joker movie. I assume they're expecting theaters around the country to be filled with machine gun-toting, green haired incels who have a bone to pick with society. Or something.

Doesn't it seem like the FBI is excessively concerned with movies? Their logo pops up at the beginning of every DVD I own, telling me not to copy or pirate it. Now they're haunting movie chat rooms, hoping to weed out any disgruntled psychopaths. Aren't there any, you know, real crimes they should be out there investigating?

I'm starting to think they just like watching movies over in Quantico, and figured out a brilliant way to parlay the hobby into their job.

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