Saturday, February 22, 2020

In Stock

Yesterday I decided I needed a red flannel shirt, for reasons. I know from past experience not to waste time attempting to find something I want in a brick & mortar store in this town, so I turned to the internet for my shopping needs.

Target was a bust, as all they had were small sizes (I guess the normal, human sizes were snapped up at the beginning of winter).

I then turned to JCPenney, hoping for better luck there. Nope! Same thing. Plenty of red flannel shirts, but none anywhere close to the XL that I needed.

The news isn't all bad though. JCPenney may be all out of affordable winter clothing, but they are fully stocked with Star Trek: The Next Generation command-level uniforms! And it's about time, too! With its distinctive maroon division color, slim cut and padded shoulders, this uniform will definitely "Make It So" when it comes to fashion! It'll fit in perfectly in any office environment, from the board room to the break room! Engage!

Seriously. I couldn't find a goddamned flannel shirt in this joint, but they sell frakin' Star Trek uniforms. Is it any wonder their stock price is under a dollar a share?

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