Wednesday, April 1, 2020

OK, Now It's Personal UPDATE!

Last week I posted that The CW had shut down production on all its TV series, including The Flash and Legends Of Tomorrow.

I noted that Legends had already finished shooting their truncated 15 episode season before the lockdown began. I said that's not necessarily good news though, as they might not be able to finish the FX or editing.

Fortunately there's some good news for a change. Legends co-creator Mark Guggenheim recently tweeted that the show's post-production crew was diligently working from home on FX, sound and editing. Huzzah! So we should get a full, uninterrupted Season 5 of Legends after all. 

No word on what's happening with The Flash. They were 
reportedly shooting Episode 19 or 20 (of 22) when the lockdown happened. It's unknown when— or even IF— shooting will resume this year, and how that will affect the season. Especially since the series usually ends its seasons on a cliffhanger. Season 6 may just STOP instead of END, with no buildup to a dramatic finish.

Either way, both shows return with brand new episodes on Tuesday, April 21. 

And for anyone out there thinking there are far more important things out there to worry about than when a couple ferkakte TV shows come back— might I point out that the entire nation is currently trapped in their homes with their loved ones for... gods know how long. The public NEEDS fresh new content to watch, else families are gonna start murdering one another. 

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