Sunday, April 12, 2020

What Happened To The Art Of Movie, Er, TV Poster Design: The Walking Dead: World Beyond

It's been a while since we've played "What Happened To The Art Of Movie Poster Design" here at Bob Canada's BlogWorld. Time to remedy that situation right now!

There was a time when movie— and TV— posters featured top-notch illustration and graphic design, created by the finest artists in the field. Sadly, those days are gone forever, replaced by a squad of lowly interns and first year art students armed with a pirated copy of Photoshop. 

Today's posters are generally little more than photo collages or screen grabs with the film's logo hastily slapped at the bottom.

Which leads us to today's subject. Never ones to know when the horse is dead and they should stop beating it, AMC is producing yet another spinoff of their once successful series The Walking Dead.

This particular series, titled World Beyond, concerns a group of sheltered teens "who leave the safety of their home and embark on a cross-country journey through the zombie-filled landscape to save their father." 

Oh boy! Teens battling zombies in a post apocalyptic world. Remind me when it's on so I can scrub the grout in my shower instead!

Anyway, here's the poster for World Beyond, and what a piece of art it is. 

So... what's with the garish, eye-searing day-glo colors? Is this supposed to be a comedy? A wacky road-trip series? A straight up parody of the zombie genre? It's gotta be one of those, because this poster does NOT say, "Grim, nihilistic drama" to me. In fact it looks more like a poster for a 1990s cartoon series, or a commercial for Japanese noodles.

Look, posters are all about establishing tone. A poster should give the viewer an idea of what the show's like, so they can decide whether they're interested or not. In that regard it's an utter failure.

All this poster tells me is that the creators of this show don't have any idea what it's about. That or the producer let his teen nephew design the poster, and he decided to make it look "Kewl."

It honestly reminds me a bit of the poster for the execrable Suicide Squad movie from a few years back. Which was another perfect example of a poster with a tone completely inappropriate for its subject matter.

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