Sunday, April 25, 2021

Q-ed Up

For reasons known only to them, CBS All Access, er, I mean Paramount+ decided to renew their miserable and disastrous Star Trek: Picard series for a second season.

Not only did the series completely miss the point of Star Trek: The Next Generation, it gave us horribly off-model versions of the characters of Picard, Riker, Troi, Seven Of Nine, Icheb and Hugh as well, thoroughly ruining them for all time.

Recently Akiva Goldsman, the producer of Picard, unveiled a huge announcement regarding the show. Season 2 of the dreary series will feature the return of actor John De Lancie as fan-favorite character Q, the mischievous, superpowerful demigod who vexed Jean-Luc Picard throughout TNG.

Well that'll be fun! I can't wait to see Q return and go on a violent, murderous kill-spree just like Seven of Nine did in Picard Season 1. It'll be really cool to see him snap his fingers and made someone explode in a massive shower of blood and entrails, give an antagonist the side eye and boil them alive from the inside or make that Kids In The Hall "I'm Crushing Your Head" gesture and obliterate an entire planet!

Maybe he'll take the current version of Picard and change him from an android back into a human while he's at it! It'll be kewl! This ain't your grandpa's Star Trek, laws no!

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