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Legends Of Tomorrow Season 6, Episode 5: The Satanist's Apprentice

This week on Legends Of Tomorrow, we get a surprisingly good episode focusing on the shamefully-underused Astra, as she struggles to live a normal life on Earth. We also finally check back in with Canary and her outer space plotline, as we finally meet her enigmatic captor Bishop.

And if that wasn't enough, this is also the big animated episode that the internet's been buzzing about for months. 

Whenever a TV series manages to last for five or six seasons, it becomes harder and harder for the writers to come up with new ideas and plotlines. It's then a sure bet they'll then resort to a"Gimmick Episode," in a flailing effort to generate viewer interest and shore up the ratings.

You know the kind I mean. There's the Musical Episode (in which the cast is forced to sing all their dialogue for some reason), the Live/One Take Episode, the Movie Parody Episode, the Evil Parallel Universe Episode, the Halloween Episode (in which the characters dress up in outlandish costumes), the A Christmas Carol Episode (in which the cast plays the parts in Dickens' classic story), the What If Episode (in which the characters make different choices that change the dynamic of the show) and the Rashomon Episode (in which we see the same event from several perspectives).

And then of course there's the old standby, the Animated Episode— which leads us to this week's Legends installment. Thanks to magical shenanigans, Astra's transformed into a bona fide Disney Princess, who sings all her dialogue as she dances across the screen— while the rest of the cast become cartoonish household items along with her.

Although this animated interlude is reasonably fun and slightly amusing, it's most definitely a gimmick. There's no reason for the producers to resort to it, other than (as I said earlier) to try to pump some life into the rapidly aging series. 

Amazingly, despite all the hype for this episode, it contains just a scant FIVE minutes of actual animation! Seriously, I timed it! Five minutes! So much hoopla over so little content!

Despite all that, The Satanist's Apprentice is surprisingly well-written and impressively nuanced. Constantine's typical assholish self-absorption causes him to neglect Astra and her needs— even though it was HIS idea for her to try living like a normal person for once. This leads to her becoming a perfect target for the devious and oily Aleister Crowley, as he takes full advantage of her susceptibility and expertly manipulates her for his own ends. Well done!

This week's episode was directed by Caity Lotz, aka White Canary. This isn't her first time in the director's chair, as she previously helmed Season 5's Mortal Khanbat. She does a terrific job here, expertly juggling numerous storylines, as well as dealing with a complicated animated segment— which no doubt required extra detail and planning.

On the acting front, Olivia Swan, aka Astra, was no slouch either. This week she finally gets the opportunity to shine, in an episode focused almost solely on her. She does an admirable job, as she gives the normally cold and severe Astra a much-needed sense of humanity and vulnerability. She even gets a chance to sing, though I wasn't quite as dazzled by her voice as others are.

Even more impressive was Matt Ryan, aka Constantine. He did an amazing job here, playing a version of the character who's possessed by the soul of Aleister Crowley. His scenes were a hoot, as he managed to give his amalgam a smarmy and comedic menace. Kudos!

MUCH less impressive though was guest star Raffi Barsoumian, who plays the long-awaited Bishop. He spent the majority of his scenes singing his lines (even though he's NOT a Disney Princess) and dancing around the set, which was highly annoying to say the least.

Bishop should have been a dangerous and menacing presence, but thanks to Barsoumian's bizarre performance undermines all that as he comes across as... goofy. He most definitely doesn't seem like a serious threat.

This episode also features numerous Disney references, which isn't surprising considering the episode's based on their princess stereotype and contains an animated segment.

Speaking of animation... This week's cartoon segment was created by the Warner Bros. Animation division. Which makes perfect sense, since The CW is partly owned and distributed by Warner Bros.!

It was supervised by industry veteran Tony Cervone, who worked on Animaniacs, Duck Dodgers, the original Space Jam and the recent Scoob! movie.

Quality-wise the animation was fine. The character designs were adequate and the animation was reasonably smooth, but you'd never mistake it for Disney-level. It looks exactly like what it is— high-end TV animation. Of course this episode had nowhere near the budget or schedule of a Disney production, so... I'll cut 'em some slack.


The Plot:
Astra, who's now living in Constantine's House Of Mystery, wakes up, gets ready to face the world and goes out to run some errands. Unfortunately she doesn't have any Earthly money to buy the things she needs. 

As she walks dejectedly back home, she's greeted by her neighbor Robert Truss. Due to her skin color he assumes she's Constantine's housekeeper, and wonders if she's "the right kind of people" to live in his neighborhood. She goes into the house and sees Constantine. She tries to talk with him, but he says he's busy dealing with aliens (from the Ground Control To Sara Lance episode) and Time Couriers away.

Sometime later Astra tries using her phone— which is connected to the wifi in Hell— but can't get a signal. Constantine returns with Zari 2.0 (fresh from the Meat: The Legends episode), and Astra asks him about wifi and where she can find his washing machine. He promises he'll get right on it, as he dashes upstairs to the bedroom with Zari 2.0 (ewww).

The next morning Astra looks for a job, but she has no experience or background details due to her growing up in Hell. Later she's trying to do dishes when the faucet breaks.

Constantine appears, wearing a leather jacket (from The Ex-Factor episode) and looking for his smokes. Astra tells him the house is falling apart, there's no food and she can't find a job. He says he deals with all that through magic, and she asks him to teach her. He says it's too much work and teleports away. Just then the electricity's cut off.

Astra goes up to the attic to look for items she can sell. She finds a few antiques, along with her mother Natalie's old journal. She looks inside it and sees a song Natalie wrote for Constantine, and is sad that she never learned to read music.

Just then Astra hears a voice, and discovers it's coming from an old painting of Aleister Crowley. He tells her that Constantine summoned him from Hell to learn his secrets, then trapped him inside the painting. Astra tells him that Constantine didn't prepare her for the real world, and Crowley slyly says he can teach her a few basic spells.

Elsewhere, Canary's right where we left her last time— inside a citadel on an alien planet, confronted by a man-bunned stranger. He introduces himself as Bishop, and says he's been waiting a long time to meet her. He also tells her that due to the venom in her system (from the fake Amelia Earhart a few episodes back), she has about ten seconds left to live. He offers her the antidote, and having no other choice, she grabs it and drinks it down.

She wakes in the ship's medbay, strapped to a bed as she's tended to by a Nurse Ava clone. Bishop enters and shows Canary a presentation explaining that in his future, human greed & stupidity destroyed the Earth and wiped out everyone but him. 
As a bioengineer, Bishop created the AVA clones and has come up with a plan to save the human race— by splicing them with alien DNA so they can survive in any environment.

Canary realizes that the aliens on Kayla's ship were the raw materials for Bishop's plan. He says he wants her to train his army of hybrids to fight.

Back at the House Of Mystery, Crowley teaches Astra a transformation spell, and flatters her by saying he's never seen anyone take to magic like her. He says he could teach her more if only he wasn't stuck in the painting. He tells her if she were to provide a body, he could swap places with it and be free to instruct her. Amazingly she seems OK with this idea.

Constantine returns and sees what's going on. He warns Astra that magic is a slippery slope, and her mother Natalie left him because he couldn't give it up. He grabs the painting and tells Crowley to leave Astra alone. Just then she casts the swapping spell, causing Constantine & Crowley to switch places.

Constantine, now stuck in the painting, demands that Astra change him back. She tells Crowley he has twelve hours to teach her as much magic as he can.

We then see her transmute a pile of garbage into money & jewels, and conjure up some stylish clothing for herself. She's horrified when she finds out the spells are only temporary. Crowley expertly manipulates her, telling her she could "level up" and make the transformations permanent. Like a dope, she falls for his spiel.

Elsewhere, Canary manages to free herself from her straps. Nurse Ava enters to check on her, and Canary springs into action, holding a sharp buckle to her throat. She demands she take her back to her ship. Nurse Ava says it's not in her DNA to disobey Bishop, but Canary assures her she has a soul and no one can control her. She lets her go, and a puzzled Nurse Ava leaves.

Meanwhile, Constantine— who's still stuck in the painting— apologizes to Astra for blowing her off the past few weeks. He says Crowley's dangerous, and if she wants to learn magic she needs to "work her way up from the bottom" (PLOT POINT!).

Just then Crowley (in Constantine's body) enters and says that together, he & Astra will be unstoppable. He says their first order of business is to find the fabled Fountain Of Imperium, located somewhere in space (ANOTHER POSSIBLE PLOT POINT!). He then takes the Constantine painting and stashes it in the attic.

Astra starts working on some kind of potion just as the rest of the Legends (fresh from Bay Of Squids) arrive. They explain that Heat Wave & Kayla took off in the Waverider, stranding them. With nowhere else to go, they've decided to crash at Constantine's place.

Angry at the interruption, Astra quickly loses patience with them and transforms them all into mundane objects. Sharpe becomes a three ring binder, Steel a wheel of cheese (?), Zari 2.0 a smartphone, Behrad a candle and Spooner a fork (GET IT?).

Just then Crowley returns and tells her it's time for some REAL power. He shows her how to make a magic amulet, but says it'll need a human soul to charge it (!). Astra's not so sure, but Crowley reminds her that she damned millions of souls when she was in Hell, and asks what's one more?

He eventually convinces her, and she says she knows the perfect target— her racist neighbor Robert Truss. Astra calls Truss, telling him she has an antique lamp that'd be perfect for his collection and invites him over. The transformed Legends tell her what she's doing is wrong, but she tells 'em to shut it and stuffs them all in a cabinet.

Back at the citadel, Nurse Ava returns and says Canary was right. She brings her a fuel cell to power her ship so she can get off the planet. The two then exit the medbay and sneak through the corridors.

Truss arrives at the House Of Mystery, and Astra shows him the lamp. He's delighted by what he sees, but acts unimpressed so he can lowball his offer. 
She holds the amulet up to him as his back's turned, intending to drain his soul. Ultimately she can't go through with it, and tells him to get out.

Just then Crowley appears, grabs the amulet and sucks out Truss' soul, killing him (I think?). Furious, Astra tries sending him back into the painting, but nothing happens. He laughs maniacally, telling her he's now far too powerful to stop. He says she's nothing more than a damsel in distress, and turns her into an animated princess. He cartoonifies the house and everything in it as well. Yeah, that happens.

As a cartoon princess, Astra sings everything going through her mind, such as how she's going to stop Crowley. The transformed Legends, who are also now animated, break free and help her. She sics them on Crowley, but he magically binds them and transports Astra to the attic.

There, the Constantine painting says they're all doomed unless Astra can find a "cleansing spell" that her mother Natalie created. Astra remembers the song she found earlier in the journal, and Constantine says that's it. She says she can't read music though, but Constantine reminds her that all animated princesses can.

Spooner somehow escapes and frees Astra from the attic. She comes downstairs and begins singing the spell, which frees the rest of the Legends, puts Crowley to sleep and makes him switch places with Constantine again. And it brings Truss back to life!

Astra tells Truss it's her house (?), the Legends are her friends and shoves him out the door.

Sometime later, Constantine takes the Crowley painting up to the attic to hide it. Crowley says he knows what's happened, and says he could use the Fountain Of Imperium to help him. Constantine puts a piece of tape over the painting's mouth and covers it up.

Astra tells Constantine she wouldn't have been tempted by Crowley if he'd helped her when she needed it. He admits she's right, and promises to do better. He then informs her that the "cleaning spell" rid everything in the house of magic— including him! He says he & Astra will now have to "work their way up from the bottom" together.

On the planet, Canary & Nurse Ava find Kayla's ship. They enter, and Canary preps to activate the new power source. Just then several guards appear, and Nurse Ava admits it was all an act, and the "fuel cell" is just a nightlight.

Bishop appears and says he needed Canary to lead him to the ship's alien cargo. She laughs, telling him she ejected all the alien pods into the Time Vortex. He opens a panel, revealing he took DNA from each species as a backup.

Canary attacks and defeats all the guards, then grabs Bishop and savagely snaps his neck. Just then she's hit with a tranq dart, and wakes in a study. Bishop (or a clone of him) is there waiting, and tells her they're "inseparable."

• This is the first episode of the entire series that doesn't feature Heat Wave. Which means there are now no characters who've appeared in every episode.

• Fun Fact: The Satanist's Apprentice begins just after the season premiere, and takes place over the course of Episodes 2 through 4.

At the beginning of the episode, Astra staggers out of bed and sees Constantine prepping a spell. When she tells him she needs his help, he claims he's too busy, saying, "I got a bloke in an alien costume with another alien inside him, and I gotta prep my gut for a purging spell."

That's a reference to Meat: The Legends, in which the gang suspected the Big Bang Burger mascot was secretly an alien in disguise.

I should note though that in the actual episode, Constantine doesn't pop back to the manor to prep any spells. In fact he didn't know he'd be needing one! When he runs into the suspected alien he simply casts the Divination Of Hor spell, which "extracts all unwanted influences." Whoops!

A bit later Astra finds there's no wifi in the manor right as Constantine & Zari 2.0 return. Note that they're both still wearing their outfits from Meat: The Legends, as they've just come from their victory in that episode.

Sometime later the kitchen faucet breaks while Astra's washing dishes. Just then Constantine shows up looking for his cigarettes, wearing his Criss Angel cosplay that he sported in The Ex-Factor.

A few days after that, the now-homeless Legends invade the manor right after the events of Bay Of Squids.

As I said, it's kind of cool to see how this episode takes place at the same time as these other three, which neatly ties together the whole season so far.

Legends Of Tomorrow features an interesting and very odd version of Hell. Last season we saw that the place resembles a perpetually dark version of downtown Detroit, and the damned souls living there actually work at various jobs! Jaysis! I can't think of a worse form of eternal punishment! I'd rather burn in a lake of fire forever!

Anyway, this week we find out that Hell apparently has its own wifi network as well, called Demon Data! Weird!

So lemme get this straight... If there's really a Hell and I end up there after I die, I'll need to find a job, someplace to live and buy a smart phone with an netherworldly data plan. Got it.

• When Astra tries to find a job, her potential employer runs a background check and says it shows she's only fifteen. She replies, "Okay, yeah, that's because I spent my adolescence in another dimension where time works differently, so..."

Amazingly, that checks out. According to the Official Arrowverse Wiki, Astra was born circa 2005— which would make about fifteen.

• This is some heavy duty nitpicking, but whatever. If Astra was born about fifteen years ago but looks like she's in her twenties, then time must move FASTER in Hell. That doesn't seem right. The point of Hell is to torture souls, correct? So why make their time there go faster? Wouldn't it make more sense if time moved super slowwwwwwly, to drag out every miserable second there?

Told you it was heavy duty!

• After having no luck finding a job, Astra calls up a former associate in the netherworld and says, "You try getting a job when your last employers were the Triumvirate of Hell. Just give me my power back, or I will have your blood drained to fill my swimming pool." Several things here:

First of all, she's calling on Constantine's landline phone, so apparently it's possible to direct dial numbers in Hell! Interesting.

Secondly, when I heard her demands my first thought was "what power?" As near as I remember she was just a normal woman who ran a nightclub in Hell. I don't recall her ever having any sort of powers.

I checked the trusty (and indispensable!) Official Arrowverse Wiki once again, and according to it, while in Hell Astra had general magical powers, she could resurrect historical figures with her soul coins and could teleport others throughout the underworld with a snap of her fingers.

So I guess she DID have powers after all. I stand corrected!

Third, it appears that once a person leaves Hell, they lose any powers they might have had there.

Lastly, who the, er, hell is she talking to here? Who has the ability to restore her powers while she's on Earth? Is she calling Satan himself?

Disney Reference #1: The painting of Crowley that can speak and offer advice to Astra is reminiscent of the Magic Mirror in Snow White. Yeah, yeah, paintings & mirrors aren't anything alike, but they both feature talking faces in a frame.

• Back in Ground Control To Sarah Lance, Astra mentioned Crowley and his Book Of The Law as a possible source they could use to locate Canary. Based on how much the episode emphasized Crowley and his book, I predicted he'd show up in person at some point during the season.

Looks like I was right! Just four episodes later he made his appearance! Well, sort of. According to Constantine, he yanked Crowley out of Hell for reasons, but instead of simply returning him back there, he trapped his soul inside a painting for reasons. Sure, why not.

• Also last week, I railed against the show's poor casting decisions, as the actors they chose to play John F. Kennedy & his brother Robert looked ABSOLUTELY NOTHING like the actual historical figures. Not even a little bit. The show fares much better this week though, as the magical Crowley portrait looks exactly like the real thing! In fact it looks like they based it on one of the few available photos of Crowley that are out there.

• Whenever Crowley's painting starts talking, it reminds me of that MyHeritage site— the one that lets you upload old family photos and animate them.

• The sneaky & manipulative Crowley begins teaching simple magic spells to Astra, in a scene that's VERY reminiscent of the Harry Potter movies (which I'm sure was the point). He even tells her she needs to flick her wrist in a certain way!

I'm honestly surprised he didn't tell her, "No, no, it's Wingardium LevioSAH!"

• In this episode we get our first look at Bishop's citadel, and what a place it is! In fact I'm not exactly sure what I'm looking at here. I guess it's supposed to be a building on his planet's surface, but it looks for all the world like a giant bug.

• This week we also get our first good look at Bishop, and man, is he ever annoying! As I pointed out in the intro, he spends most of the episode singing his lines and dancing across the screen like an idiot.

According to the interwebs, actor Raffi Barsoumian (aka Bishop) is married to Tala Ashe (aka Zari 2.0) in real life! Wow! Let's hope for her sake he's nowhere near as aggravating at home!

• I've brought this up before over the years, but it's worth a repeat— what the hell happened to the art of TV wig making? In this episode Jes Macallen plays Nurse AVA (of course!), and she's saddled with the most ridiculously fake-looking wig possible. I've seen Muppets with more realistic hair.

I don't remember wigs looking so fake when I watched TV as a kid. Did they start making them out of a different material or something? Or have wigs always looked this bad, but we never noticed it till we all got hi-def TVs?

• Speaking of AVA clones: In this episode Bishop tells Canary:

"As a pioneer in bio-engineering, the founder of AVA Corp 
and the designer-creator of the AVA clone, I alone have the knowledge and means to restart humanity in the stars!"

Hmm. Is this a major retcon? I was always under the impression that Rip Hunter created the AVA clones to manage his Time Bureau. Maybe I'm just remembering wrong. Or could it be this is yet another Crisis change?

• Bishop shows Canary a PowerPoint presentation explaining his master plan. Basically he says humanity destroyed Earth's biosphere and inadvertently wiped itself out. So he's come back in time to create human/alien hybrids that can survive in any environment. A couple things here:

According to Bishop, the only way to save our race is to turn us all into hideous mutants. But then we'd no longer be human. That's not really preserving the species now, is it?

Secondly, he blames humanity's extinction on greed, violence & war. But then he tells Canary he abducted her so she could train his new hybrids to have a "fighter's spirit" and overcome any obstacle. 

But... won't teaching them to fight just lead to greed, violence & war all over again?

• Speaking of Bishop and his ability to time travel... Not only did he come to the present AFTER humanity was destroyed, but he brought with him "all FIFTEEN seasons of Wynonna Earp"— a series that to date has only been on for four years.

• Crowley teaches Astra a simple transformation spell, which uses the word "permuto." He also tells her, "You know, 'permuto' has several meanings in Latin. One is to transform, but the other is to exchange."

Amazingly, that actually checks out!

Astra then uses the permuto spell to cause Crowley & Constantine's souls to switch places. Which leaves Constantine trapped in the painting and Crowley in possession of his body.

Not sure why the soul swap would cause the face in the painting to change, but eh, I'll allow it.

• According to IMDB, Matt Lucas, aka Nardole from Doctor Who (among many other roles) provides the voice of Crowley when he's in painting form. I honestly didn't recognize his voice here.

I mentioned this in the intro, but it's worth a repeat. Kudos to Matt Ryan as well, for his portrayal of Crowley inhabiting Constantine's body. He's clearly having a ball chewing the scenery as he plays Constantine possessed by Crowley. His mannerisms and body language are completely different, and he does a very good impression of Matt Lucas' voice.

• Once Crowley cons Astra into freeing him from the painting, he teaches her more advanced spells, such as how to turn trash into treasure... literally!

If you look closely at the pile of trash, you'll see an empty can of Spotted dick! I guess Constantine must be a fan of the stuff? By the way, despite its provocative name, it's just pudding.

• Thanks to Crowley's spell, Astra transmutes the garbage into treasure, conjures up a stylish new outfit for herself and even generates electricity for the manor.

She's disappointed though when she finds out that these transformations are only temporary. Oddly enough, although the money & jewels change back to trash after just a few minutes, her magic clothing and the electricity last for the remainder of the episode— even though she conjured up everything at the same time. Whoops!

• Disney Reference #2: At one point Astra's working on a spell when the Legends show up at the manor, fresh from their adventure in Bay Of Squids. They prove to be a huge distraction, so she transforms them all into suitable sentient household items— much like the various characters in Beauty And The Beast.

Sharpe becomes a three ring binder, presumably because she was created as an Administrative Clone and has an innate need for organization and order. 

Zari 2.0 changes into a glittery cell phone. Oddly enough she doesn't seem to mind the fact that she's been transformed, but is livid that she's now a lowly flip phone.

Spooner becomes a walking, talking fork (Com-O-Dee!), while Behrad's turns into a candle. Because candles are lit, get it? Note that Behrad looks virtually identical to Lumiere from Beauty And The Beast, who was also a talking candle!

Lastly, Steel's transformed into a wheel of cheese. Because he has a cheesy personality, I guess? I dunno.

• Crowley shows Astra how to make a superpowerful magic amulet, but tells her it needs a human soul to charge it up. She looks through her purse and finds a few of the soul coins she brought with her from Hell last season. Among them she has a coin of Christopher Columbus and another of Ed Gein.

Sigh... We get it, The CW, you're woke! Christopher Columbus is no longer a hero worthy of his own holiday, as he wasn't the first to cross the Atlantic and became a brutal governor who indulged in slavery and genocide.

While I fully agree he was nothing like what we were all taught in school, I don't think he should be lumped in with a cannibalistic, negrophilic serial killer like Ed F*cking Gein either. Jesus Christ!

• Astra can't go through with stealing Truss' soul, so Crowley does it instead— and takes the now supercharged magic amulet for himself. He then transforms Astra in to an animated Disneyesque princess. He turns the manor and everything inside it into a cartoon as well.

It's a fun little scene, and one the entire episode's been building toward. There's just one MAJOR problem with it though— Crowley becomes an animated character as well!

But, but... WHY? I get why he transformed her (to render her ineffective and get her out of his hair), but why would he animate himself as well? Shouldn't he have remained a flesh & blood human?

I'm assuming they did it because it was easier to just animate Crowley/Constantine instead of filming Matt Ryan on a green screen reacting to nothing and dropping him into the cartoon scenes later.

• The Legends actually go through two transformations in this episode. First Astra changes them all into household items— then Crowley changes them into animated versions of those same objects! 

Note that when the now animated Legends decide to help Astra fight Crowley, Steel actually uses his superpower and "steels" up! That's right, he turns into an animated, metallic wheel of cheese!

Granted, he's a cartoon here, but technically this makes the third episode in a row that he's actually used his powers! Amazing!

• During the animated segment, Constantine tells Astra how he was reckless and addicted to magic in his youth, which prompted her mother Natalie to create a cleansing spell so he wouldn't overdose.

When then see a montage of violent and realistic illustrations of Constantine's "reckless" days. I'm not a hundred percent sure, but I'm betting these images are from the Hellblazer comic book (which stars Constantine). 

Disney Reference #3: In the third act, Astra sings a good portion of her dialogue, just like a classic animated Disney Princess.

Disney Reference #4: At one point the animated version of Crowley grows to Godzilla size and sprouts a pair of devil horns, looking very much like Chernabog, the massive demon in Fantasia.

• I don't know why, but I love this scene of everyone transforming from cartoon characters back into real people. In particular I like Crowley's animated soul getting sucked out of Constantine's body and into the painting!

• So Natalie's spell cleanses the House Of Mystery of ALL magic— including Constantine's! Once it's cast, he finds himself completely powerless.

But why? I never got the impression his magical abilities were inherent, like Superman's strength or the Flash's speed. He usually said a spell or drank a potion to make something magical happen. So why would Natalie's song affect that? It doesn't make any sense.

Did Natalie's song wipe out Constantine's memories of spells and such, so he can no longer perform magic? If that's what actually happened, even that shouldn't be much of a problem. Just crack open a magic book and start recitin' spells again!

• At the end of the episode, Constantine takes the Crowley painting back to the attic. He then tapes Crowley's mouth shut and stuffs the painting in a trunk so he can never manipulate anyone else.

I feel like everyone's overlooking the most obvious solution here. Why not just toss the goddamned painting in the fireplace and be done with it? Crowley's already dead, so it's not like it'd be murder. What more could happen to him?

I guess maybe it's possible that burning the painting would free his soul from it, leaving him free to find another suitable host?

• Right before he's silenced, Crowley mentions his Fountain Of Imperium again. Based on how often it's been mentioned, I'm betting it'll play a major role in an upcoming episode soon. Whatever the heck it is.

• For the first time in a lonnnnnng time, we actually got an honest to goodness Canary fight scene this week. And man, was it was awesome!

Another plus— in the final shot, Canary does what everyone in the audience has wanted to do throughout the entire episode and snaps Bishop's annoying-ass neck! Unfortunately he just instantly replaces himself with a clone. Darn.   

This Week's Best Lines:
Zari 2.0: (angry that she's been transformed) "Am I a flip phone?"

Spooner: (in animated fork form) "If y'all got a proud boy who needs talking to, let me at him. I'll fork his eyes out!"
(I guess we know who she supported in the last election!)

(The Legends are transformed back into flesh & blood humans.)
"I'm so glad to have my arms back."
Steel: "So over being cheese. That smell was getting aggressive."
Behrad: "Yeah, I was gonna say something."
Spooner: "Yeah, why was I a fork?"

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