Sunday, December 19, 2010

Unfortunate Yogi Bear Movie Poster

The live action/cgi Yogi Bear movie opened this weekend. This is one of the actual promo posters for the film.

Oh dear...

Must... resist... urge... to make... comment... about... character placement... and... tag line...

Once again, Hollywood, I sincerely offer my services to you. Since I have the relative emotional maturity of the average 14 year old boy, for a small fee I will examine your promotional images and ad copy and determine whether they're easily mockable or not. This will save you millions in costly reprints and lawsuits, not to mention loads of public embarrassment. Call me today!


  1. the perfect movie por 'bears' and 'cubs/chasers' XDDD

  2. HAHAHAHAH!!! This wouldn't be as funny if it was a joke.


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