Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Milking The Franchise

Now this is what I call milking your franchise! Take a look at this new 2 disc DVD set. It features four of the main cast of the original Star Trek appearing in bit parts in episodes of various TV westerns. Other than that it has nothing to do with the Star Trek franchise wqhatsoever. In fact, given that it doesn't actually say Star Trek anywhere on the cover, I doubt it's even released by Paramount. You'd have to be a very, very hard core Trekkie to order this.

I will say that of the four of them, DeForest Kelly looks the most at home there in the old West. I'm not buying Shatner as a cowboy at all. It almost looks as if his face was Photoshopped onto another body. James Doohan was Canadian, so he seems a poor choice to play a Native American. And Leonard Nimoy as an Indian in a bad wig? If there were Ukranian Jewish Indians, then OK.

This may very well be a nice disc set, but it's so blatantly trying to part Trekkies from their money that I feel it's my duty to mock it.

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