Thursday, December 9, 2010

Xmas Gift Tag Repost

I posted this last Christmas, but it's buried deep within the depths of my blog, so I thought I'd dredge it up again.

Tough times call for tough measures! Due to the plummeting economy (and the fact that everyone in my family has too much crap already), I decided to severely cut back on Christmas gifts this year. In order to soften the blow a bit, I made this gift tag and attached it to everyone's presents.

Santa was drawn in Photoshop on the graphic tablet, as well as the sketchy green oval. Everything was then imported into InDesign, where the text and the outer tag shape were added. Then I printed a bunch, cut them out with an X-Acto, punched a hole in the side and tied them to everyone's gifts.

Feel free to download it, print it and attach it to your own cheapskate gifts!


  1. THis is the best tag ever! Just what I was looking for lmao!

  2. Hopefully next year the economy will improve and we won't have to use it!

    Although... by cutting back on gifts, and in some cases cutting them out altogether, I find I enjoy the holidays a lot more. There's a lot less stress.


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