Sunday, December 5, 2010

What The Heck's Up With Spencer?

Holy Crap, when did Spencer Gifts become a porn shop?

OK, time to go into Old Man Rant Mode here. I went to the mall today for the first time since, well, since last Xmas. As I was wandering through the crowds I walked past Spencer Gifts and thought, "What the heck," and went inside. Imagine my surprise to find out that they're now a full-service porn shop! If I'd been wearing a hat it would have flown off my head in shock.

In my day Spencer Gifts was always the go-to place for black light posters, Over-The-Hill Birthday supplies and fart-themed items. Now most of their inventory appears to consist of adult novelties and sex toys.

I'm not talking about the fairly tame "naughty" items they always carried in the past; this is some serious stuff, like vibrators, lubes and fishnet body stockings. That kind of stuff has its place I suppose, but not right there in the middle of the mall. There were dozens of pre-teens wandering around inside, getting an eyefull of all the x-rated merchandise.

I'm not sure if this is a nationwide trend or something peculiar to my local mall, but I never thought Spencers would need to post bouncers at the door to check IDs.


  1. I agree with how much that store has changed. When I was kid and we went to Spencer's there was a section, a very small section that we were ushered away from by store employees. I went to one as an adult a few years ago and I ushered myself out of there lol.

  2. Ha ha!

    I used to buy action figures there 4 or 5 years ago. Cool stuff that no one else carried, like an 18" tall RoboCop figure. I even bought my Force FX Light Sabre there. They also used to carry funn stuff like tiki mugs too. That stuff's ALL gone now, in lieu of the porn.

    I'm honestly surprised that no one's complained about them yet or tried to shut them down.

  3. It's been like this for a while now, actually. I went to the mall with a friend of mine on the last day of summer vacation a few years ago, and he dragged me into Spencer's... At first, I liked the "new t-shirt" smell (I have a thing for printed t-shirts), but then we ventured further into the store. The whole time we were there, I tried convincing him to leave before someone we knew saw us there. Eventually, we left, but not after a painfully awkward (and vaguely humorous) moment, which I don't care to describe here... All I have to say is, I'm a furry, and that place is screwed up.


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