Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mopey March

I've got this daily journal (it's not a diary!) that contains calendar pages at the beginning of every month. Since I do the exact same thing every single day of my life, I have little use for the calendar pages, so I've been filling each day's square with a doodle.

Here are the calendar pages for March. I don't know why I'm posting them out of order like this. I started with August, then started working backwards. Who needs order?

Some weird baby snuck onto the calendar before the month even started! Is that a sparkly teen vampire there on the 5th? That guy on the 6th is a real blockhead.

The guy on the 17th needs some Proactiv, while the one on the 22nd is a big star. Despite the fact that they're of completely different species, the 19th and 24th look related somehow. The guy on the 30th looks a little "tired." And I believe that's a member of avant-garde rock band The Residents there on the 31st.

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  1. Another fuitful month of characters! I love the 13th and that cheese eating grin. I don't want to be around when the 17th lances that sucker! And lol on the tired guy!


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