Friday, July 12, 2013

I've Got A Familiar Feeling About This: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

In my continuing quest to rag on The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Even Amazinger an entire year before it even comes out, I present this:

It's our first good look at Jamie Foxx (no relation to Redd) as the super villain Electro.

He looks OK I guess, but something about him seems familiar... I can't quite figure out where I've seen him before...

Oh yeah. Now I remember.

"Allow me to break da ice. My name is Fweeze. Lehrn it well, fortiss da chillink sound uff your doom!"


  1. I am definitely not looking forward to this. Why can't Spider-Man solve a mystery or stop a crime. Must we suffer another misfit of science? I want Sam Raimi back (Spider-Man 3 had problems, but I liked it a lot more than Amazing) and can we have Mysterio please?

  2. Right after Spider-Man 2 came out, I had an idea for the third one: Dr. Connors finally becomes the Lizard and wreaks havoc around the city. Kraven the Hunter hears about it and comes to New York to capture him. The two get into a tussle and Spider-Man has to capture both of them. Sadly, Sony wasn't interested in my idea.

    I didn't care for Amazing Spider-Man either. I might have liked it more if we didn't have to sit through ANOTHER retelling of his origin. He was bitten by a weird spider, we get it already! Start telling some new damn stories.

    So far I've not seen anything about the new movie that makes me want to see it either. I wish Sony would give Spider-Man back to Marvel and let them make their own movies.


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